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help: frequently asked questions

How long have you been in business?

IBS Design, LLC opened for business in the Fall of 1997.  We launched our first local wedding planning Web site,, on February 1, 1998.

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I got a decline code when I tried to use my credit card on your Website. What do the decline codes mean?

Following are the most common credit card error and decline codes that we see along with their explanation and possible fix:

Decline Code 7 - Field format error
The screen should tell you which field.  Go back to the form and try again.  If you continue to have problems contact our Customer Support by using the online email form.
Decline Code 11 - Client timed out waiting or response
This could be caused by a temporary server slow-down either on our server or the credit card processor's server.  Please go back and try again as these timeouts are generally temporary and short-lived.
Decline Code 12 - Declined
Check the card number and expiration date.  If both are ok you will probably need to contact your bank.
Decline Code 13 - Referral
This is usually caused by a security feature on your credit card.  Please contact your bank and ask them to allow online transactions from the merchant IBS Design.  They should be able to look at the attempted transaction and allow the proper merchant ID.
Decline Code 23 - Invalid account number
This is almost always a typographical error in the account number.  Please check the credit card you entered for mis-keyed information.  Also check the card type: we only accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express at this time.  Finally, credit card numbers should be entered without any spaces or dashes.
Decline Code 24 - Invalid expiration date
Check your expiration date and try again.
Decline Code 37 - Invalid recurring profile ID
Recurring Monthly and Annual accounts require a recurring profile ID.  If you get this error you will need to contact our office by emailing the error to our Customer Support.
Decline Code 50 - Insufficient funds
Contact your bank.

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What is your email address?

We do not publish our individual email addresses because of spammers.  To contact us by email, please use our email Contact form that can be accessed by using the Contact Us link in the bottom left corner of any page.  We try to answer all emails within 24 hours on business days (Monday - Friday).

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What is your fax number?

We maintain a Toll Free fax number for our customers.  However, because the number is Toll Free, we are charged each time we receive an inbound fax.  For this reason, we do not publish the number openly but we are happy to give it out for legitimate fax purposes.  Please contact our office by using the email form on the Contact Us page.   Please be specific as to why you need the fax number and we will email it to you.  Thanks!

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What is your mailing address?

Our primary mailing address in Atlanta:


IBS Design, LLC

P.O. Box 54518

Atlanta, Georgia 30308

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What is your phone number?

Please note that we do not have a full-time receptionist and we only have 2 total employees who are constantly either on the phone or out at events.  If you do not get an answer at our office, please leave a message.  All of our messages are routed by email to us so we all can pick up voicemails no matter where we are.  We try to return all calls within 24 hours on business days (Monday - Friday).

When leaving a message, please leave the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your company name if applicable
  3. Your phone number
  4. Your email address
  5. Best time to reach you
  6. Your question or reason for calling (so we can route your call to the best service rep)

Why do you want my email address?  99% of our calls require an answer by email even after we return the call by phone.  By sending you an email answer to your call (as appropriate),  we can quickly send you the information you need in writing, answer you quicker and in off-business hours, and avoid endless games of phone tag.  Obviously some types of calls can only be answered with a return call and therefore we only return calls by email when appropriate.

PHOTO QUESTIONS: We do not provide phone support for re-sizing photos due to the wide variety of photo software programs out there.  If you have questions about re-sizing and uploading your photos, please login to your Advertiser or Guest account and refer to the Advertiser Photos section.

AD RATE QUESTIONS: If you are looking for Advertising Rates, please click here.  If you are interested in Featured Advertising on our sites, please login to your Advertiser or Guest account to get the rates.

OTHER QUESTIONS:  Fo your convenience, we have created this extensive  online help section to allow you to get the answers you need right away when you need them.   Please browse our customer help center to find the answers you need now.

In the Atlanta area 

  • 404.939.5076

Outside the Atlanta area 1-877-645-8885

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